If I create 10,000 poems,
my room and the halls
would be filled with paper,
And the roof would break
and shatter the windows,
fill the city and break someone’s clan,
fill up the country and takeover the lakes,
cover the rivers,
cut down all the trees,
stack so high and touch the sky

Filled with poems,
it would reach in space,
reach mars,
take all the planets and connect them,
break all the spaceships,
and fall down
covering the entire North America,
making a bridge to Asia,
takeover half of Russia

And after a few minutes
the world would be covered in papers,

If that happened…

The globe would be gray,
from all the papers,

I used…

සිඳුසර මුණසිංහ

මේ බූන්දිය ඔබේ මූණු පොතට එක් කරන්න | Share this Boondi on Facebook
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